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Ask a local expert
Here at The Boland Team, we live in the areas we represent, and can best answer your questions about these neighbourhoods.


The Boland Team is a highly knowledgeable, experienced and respected Manhattan real estate team, working within the global structure of The Corcoran Group.

The Boland Team specializes in all Manhattan neighborhoods. We are recognized as Upper Manhattan experts but have experience from Tribeca to Inwood.

The Boland Team are New York City experts with a national referral base connecting you to over 166 Corcoran offices and our international referral team. Wherever you go, we have you covered.

Corcoran Group is an American real estate firm founded in 1973 by Barbara Corcoran. Whether you’re buying, renting, or selling, when you connect with a Corcoran agent, you’re working with the best in the business.

As a general rule, buildings require 20% but there are plenty of buildings who require up to a 50% down payment. Many condos and some coops in Northern Manhattan will accept as little as 10%.

When you purchase a co-op, you receive shares in the corporation and a proprietary lease, allowing you to live in the apartment you purchased. A condo is real property and you own what is inside the four walls.

A co-op is a corporation and has one tax lot for the building. The amount you owe as an owner is simply the entire tax lot divided by the amount of shares allotted to your apartment. A condo apartment is real property, so it has its own separate tax lot. When you own a co-op you will receive one bill a month which is your monthly maintenance and this includes your real estate tax obligation. When you own a condo you will pay a monthly common charge and a separate tax bill. In each case you are paying your share of what it costs to run the building and your real estate taxes.

A cond-op is a building which is both a condo and a coop. The condo portion is typically ground floor retail space and the co-op portion are the residences. The term is used loosely amongst real estate brokers to indicate that a building is a co-op but operates with more flexible condo rules. A local expert can differentiate the two.

Not necessarily, it depends on how the lease is written. A good lease will have a one hundred year term which is negotiated in year fifty. Additionally rent increases will be predictably laid out and reasonable. There are buildings in New York that do not own the land they are on. Instead they lease the land from a third party.

That will depend on what you purchase. A co-op, condo, townhouse or new development all have different closing costs. Your closing costs can run between 3-7 % depending on what you buy and how your purchase is structured.

In New York City the real estate attorney will write the purchase contract, negotiate the legal terms and conduct the due diligence. There are over twenty-one separate actions they undertake to protect your investment before you purchase.

Exact closing dates are difficult to predict because many purchasers are dependent on the board approving an application, which can take anywhere between two to eight weeks. Your purchase contract will also have an “on or about date” for the closing and not an exact date. This gives the seller and the buyer an opportunity to delay the closing for up to thirty days.

The online competition has become fierce for sale listings making it much harder for the individual seller to reach the widest audience possible. Listing with a brokerage company with as many as fifty online outlets or more, gives your property maximum exposure. You will also benefit from the expertise of a local expert who markets your property to harness the trends, can qualify your buyers and get you to the closing table successfully. All of these services ultimately save you time and money.

Many firms offer programs where you can access funds for cosmetic upgrades to make your property show ready in order to obtain the highest sale price possible. The loan will be interest free and you are not required to pay it back until you get the closing table.