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Our mission is to not only help our clients make wise decisions for long term wealth building, but to also find a home which brings them joy.
Invest in New York City Real Estate, a dynamic, global market!
  • Keeping you on track to reach your goals is our guiding principle.
  • Condo, coop, condop or townhouse? Let us guide you through the differences.
  • We help buyers like you avoid the potential pitfalls which will cost you unnecessary time and money.

We know how challenging and confusing the process can be. We have bought our own properties in NYC. Julia purchased a Townhouse Shell which she gut renovated. She now lives in a condominium and serves on The Board of Directors.


A pre-approval for a mortgage loan is not required to work with a buyer’s broker, per se, however, individual property owners may require one, so it is best to have that before you search. Some of the factors which will be considered during this process include: your FICO score, your debt to income ratio and the amount of your savings. Many sellers will also ask you for a REBNY (Real Estate Board of New York) financial form when you submit an offer Armed with your pre-approval letter and your REBNY financial form you are all set for the next step.

Buyers begin their searches online and most people agree this is the fun part! However it can also be the most confusing as you sort through the options: condo. coop, condop and new development offerings will all be on display. Adding to the confusion is the fact that not all condos and coops have the same rules. This is where it helps to have local expertise.

Negotiating the offer is just the beginning of your journey to the closing table. Once it is accepted you will take on the purchase application, decide if an inspection is necessary, go through the due diligence period with your real estate attorney and finally settle on a closing date, which unlike the rest of the country, tends to be a moving target.

Julia was efficient, professional, and sold my condo quickly. Fantastic service! Julia’s attention to detail and responsiveness was very much appreciated. She and her team made the entire transaction an outstanding experience and I would recommend Julia to others in the area without hesitation.


The Boland Team will help you create and execute the right plan for you to build equity in your property.


Homes are deeply personal. Let’s discover a place that feels like home to you.


Renovating a NYC apartment has challenges due to the nature of vertical living. It can also add significant value so be fully informed.