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How much should I tip my building staff?

Get the amount just right

It is an annual conundrum. How much should you tip your building staff in New York City? While this is deeply personal there are some guidelines for calculating how much you should be giving those who help your life operate seamlessly 365 days a year. Collecting packages alone has become a Herculean task over the past few years. Then add in the food deliveries, handing keys to housekeepers and dog walkers, announcing guests and the list goes on of all the small tasks the staff does to support you throughout the year.

Begin with your budget and figure out how much you can realistically afford to give in cash. Most buildings will circulate a list of the staff and their full names at the beginning of December to help you remember everyone. Writing a personal note and slipping the cash into a modest yet festive card is always a nice touch. Tell your service provider exactly why you are grateful for their help. It is likely to mean just as much to them as the cash.

  • Superintendent: the range can be broad and it depends on the size of your building. The average is somewhere between $75 to $200 but the range is anywhere from $20 to $300. You may have given your super cash tips throughout the year when a job was done inside your apartment but this is your thank you for all a superintendent does to keep the building running smoothly. A good one is typically an unsung hero.
  • Door staff or a Concierge: the range is between $75 to $200 but ask yourself how much they do for you. If they assist you daily and you can afford it, skew your tip to the higher end of the scale. If you are rarely home and don’t require their services regularly, even $25 would be appreciated.
  • Porters and maintenance staff always appreciate being recognized for keeping the building clean and taming recyclables. The average is about $25 to $50.
  • Finally, if you have a garage and park regularly you should consider $25 to $75 per attendant.

Tips are not obligatory but they are appreciated. You don’t have to pay all the door staff or every garage attendant the same. You can always give a little more to the ones who assist you regularly. An early tip between December 1st to the 15th is frequently appreciated as it helps the staff with their own holiday gift giving.

Happy Holidays from The Boland Team.