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Is a Robert A. M. Stern Building Right for You?

Buildings blend seamlessly into the urban environment.

Is a Robert A. M. Stern Building Right for You?

What do 220 Central Park South, 520 Park Avenue, and 15 Central Pak West all have in common apart from the media attention they have garnered? They are all Robert A.M. Stern designed buildings.

In the press, 220 Central Park West is best known for Ken Griffin purchasing four floors in the building at a record-breaking price of $238 million. Yet there is so much more to these buildings than sky-high prices.

The top NYC real estate agents know that for certain buyers, nothing but a Robert A.M. Stern designed building will do. While each building is unique, there is a recognizable signature style evoking pedigree and a classical past while blending in the demands of a modern, luxurious lifestyle. For many these penultimate residences are dream homes come true.

Mr. Stern’s eponymous firm, RAMSA (Robert A.M. Stern Architects), is known for their meticulous attention to detail. Despite being some of the tallest buildings in the city, RAMSA buildings blend seamlessly into the Manhattan streetscape and skyline by design.

For example, would a casual observer of 15 Central Park West realize the building was constructed in 2005 and not 100 years ago like most of the iconic Central Park West residential buildings? This Upper West Side condo is in a class by itself. Behind such architectural success lies careful planning and research at an unparalleled level.

Mr. Stern’s prolific and successful career has been well documented. For decades he has incorporated his love of learning with history. He was the Dean of the Yale School of Architecture from 1998 until 2016 and his firm has an impressive portfolio of prestige projects around the world which include residences, public buildings for distinguished centers of higher education, museums, performing centers and more.

You will not find a shiny, glass tower with cutting edge design positioned as a trophy property in his firm’s portfolio. Instead, if you are seeking a building which blends seamlessly into its urban environment while offering design deeply rooted in historical accuracy, then a Robert A.M. Stern building is for you.

For many buyers there is a comfort and stability in the solidness of these residences. Detractors may refer to them as boring but their resounding success is undeniable and top NYC real estate agents know it.

Within the stately residential towers, many of the firm’s hallmarks can be found. They include grand well-proportioned rooms, gracious foyers and a separation between public and private quarters for a discerning lifestyle. Large well-placed windows bring in light yet allow for the ideal amount of space necessary to arrange art and furniture properly according to designers. Finally, all of the features of a treasured pre-war home such as crown moldings and classic baseboards are likely to be found.

In one building, taking an elegant lifestyle even further, 220 Central Park West offers a stunning, private motorcade style entrance on 58th Street. Such luxurious homes used to be only for a co-op buyer but all of these buildings offer condos for sale.

Claremont Hall

If you have indeed been looking for an Upper West Side condo for sale, venture a few blocks north to discover a special opportunity. Claremont Hall, one of RAMSA’s latest designs, is a shining example of classicism meeting today’s lifestyle.

Located in the heart of Columbia University, this 41 story tower soars above the Hudson River with views in every direction. Who better to understand how to design a tower on the Columbia University campus than Mr. Stern? He was a professor of architecture at Columbia University and served as the first director of Columbia’s Temple Hoyne Buell Center for the Study of American Architecture from 1984 to 1988.

Claremont Hall appeals to those who love the Columbia University campus, learning and the quiet contemplative nature of the neighborhood. It is situated on the Columbia University campus a short distance from Riverside Park, Sakura Park and Morningside Park. Residents can even audit free courses in literature, history, or philosophy at Columbia University’s Manhattanville campus. Books corresponding to the University’s core curriculum can be found in the building’s resident lounge for those following self-study.

Its location sets Claremont Hall apart from all of the NYC hustle by a few blocks yet it is adjacent to all the city offers for easy access. Like all RAMSA projects, the building’s design is rooted in historical accuracy while maintaining an eye on the future. Paul L. Allen, Partner at RAMSA noted, “New development has a responsibility to future generations. Claremont Hall was designed as a sustainable building, earning a LEED Certification as well as leading the way for the renovation and preservation of Union’s campus that will reduce carbon footprint.”

Incorporating the design elements of the Gothic style Union Theological Seminary’s Brown Memorial Tower and Riverside Church, the Claremont Hall tower rounds out an impressive “Trio of Towers” in this enclave.

With painstaking detail, The Claremont Hall brickwork was cleverly designed to blend seamlessly with the original Manhattan schist façade of the Refectory below which now serves as the building’s lobby.  Many who pass by mistakenly assume the tower has always been there like the other landmarks. Such precise details nod to the other historic buildings on campus along with other Ivy League Collegiate projects designed by the firm such as Yale’s Schwartzman Center, Harvard’s Law School and Harvard Kennedy School.

Located at 100 Claremont, the amenity rich building includes a show stopping 48-foot salt water pool located in the historic refectory. This dazzling room with soaring ceilings and original gothic windows includes the original light fixtures and timber vaulted ceilings.

Designed to easily transform into an event space for special occasions, a dance floor was built to cover the pool. The interiors of each residence reflect the same thoughtful design. Floor plans are open maximizing the views with large windows many of which include the gothic arch of nearby buildings. Luxury finishes include Italian kitchens and custom marble baths. Some of the homes even offer private outdoor space including loggias perfectly positioned to capture sunsets over the Hudson River.

RAMSA buildings are known as some of the priciest in New York City.  All of this architectural star power yielding a superior home comes at a price. Claremont Hall offers exceptional value compared to many of the other Robert. A.M. Stern condos for sale in Manhattan.

If you can afford one of these blue-chip condominiums, there is no need to concern yourself with future appreciation. Luxury buyers know they can count on a RAMSA residence for their exceptional timelessness, ensuring your home and investment will stand out in the crowd when you are ready to sell to the next lucky owner.

Get in touch with me today if you have any questions.