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Living in Yorkville

Something for everyone

In Yorkville, you can choose between serene or vibrant, bargain property or luxury living. Running between 72nd and 96th Street and West of Third Avenue, this neighborhood became much more popular in 2017 when the new Second Avenue subway opened. Until then straphangers had to trek all the way over to Lexington Avenue for their daily commute. Apart from easy transportation some of the other benefits to living in Yorkville include Charles Schurz park, a beautifully maintained 15 acre park on the river.

There is also access to the east river esplanade for daily walks or runs. There is plenty of bustle along First and Second Avenues with a host of new businesses opening in the past year. Restaurants for dining in or delivery are plentiful. One of the hidden gems is the Drunken Monkey, serving delicious Indian food on 93rd Street between first and second Avenues. The neighborhood also includes the famous 92 Street Y, a very popular community and cultural center.

Right now there are 300 active listings on the market for purchase. They range from a studio at $240,000 up to a townhouse listed at $19,950,000. There is something for everyone. There are a number of co-op walk up brownstones in the neighborhood offering tremendous value for the first time home buyer or anyone looking for a pied a terre. There is also plenty of luxury living to be found. One example is Citizen 360, a full-service new development building completed in 2017. A full suite of amenities and attentive building staff can be yours. Current offerings are at $2,000/square foot on average offering tremendous value when compared to comparable new developments a few blocks west which exceed $2,500/square foot.

As I always say to my buyers, you make money when you purchase real estate and you collect it when you sell. Yorkville offers many smart investments regardless of your budget. If you are thinking of buying, reach out to me today and we will discuss the best strategy for you to get into the New York City real estate marketone of the most lucrative markets in the world.