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Carnegie Hill Condos

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Carnegie Hill Condos


Carnegie Hill Condos

While it is only 10 blocks long from south to north (86th to 96th) and a few blocks wide (from Third Avenue to Central Park), Carnegie Hill is home to many of the city’s leading museums, top private schools, and most luxurious homes. It is in some ways a concentrated version of the essential character of the Upper East Side — or at least the part of it that is synonymous with New York’s wealthy elite.

The neighborhood’s history as an enclave for the rich dates back more than a century. It gets its name, after all, from Andrew Carnegie’s mansion on Fifth Avenue. It has never faltered, though over the years some of those mansions (including Carnegie’s) have been converted to other uses. Still, the townhouses on its side streets and the apartments in buildings with sometimes infamously strict co-op boards are some of Manhattan’s most expensive real estate.

In a neighborhood comprised mostly of coops, Carnegie Hill condo offer some outstanding choices. 12 East 88th Street is the quintessential pre-war residence updated with modern conveniences, finishes, and features. Designed nearly a century ago by the famed Gilded Age architect of 740 Park Avenue, Rosario Candela, 12 East 88th Street offers a rare pedigree and an enviable address.

Other terrific pre-war Carnegie Hill condos for sale include: 55 East 93rd Street, 55 East 86th Street, 65 East 96th Street and 110 East 87th Street. If you are looking for modern luxury and a contemporary approach to a pre-war building, the newest addition to the condominium offerings is 180 East 88th Street.

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