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Every property is unique, let us create and position your property story to reach the widest audience possible.


It’s a jungle in the big city, let The Boland Team guide you through it.

You can’t time the market, but we ensure the best possible outcome by leveraging our extensive experience and advanced social media strategies.

Selling is more complicated than ever in our HGTV/Instagram world.

Going it alone can waste time, cause frustration and worse, lead to missed opportunities.


Pricing is always the first question that comes to mind when it is time to sell. Pricing is a subtle art and it is all about your goals and the market conditions. Working with an experienced real estate agent, with in depth local knowledge, increases your chances of success.

The conversation with your potential buyer begins online long before a buyer reaches out to your broker and schedules a viewing. You will need to do your part before the photos are taken. To maximize your potential sale price, spruce, declutter and stage if necessary.

If the first two steps have gone well, you will soon be receiving an offer. There is always more than the offer price to consider. In a complicated market, you want to be certain your buyer will get the closing table.


Julia Boland is the absolute best in the business. She helped us sell our Harlem apartment recently. The process couldn’t have been easier or with less stress – which was not our experience with other brokers. She’s professional, kind, responsive and proactive. We will always work with Julia.

CASE STUDY – 105 West 122nd Street – sold for a record price through use of video

Six month into the pandemic when wealthy buyers were fleeing Manhattan, we listed this townhouse. Realizing that it would be hard to get buyers to view the property in person, we not only utilized a 3D Matterport camera for a virtual self-guided tour, but we also created a video series to highlight the varied and rich details of the house, including an interview with the landscape architect.