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Your Home is “Show-Ready”

Now do these 4 things

Home sellers — here are some more strategies you should employ so your home sells at the best possible price in the shortest amount of time.

Tell your story. Standing out in a crowded real estate market not only requires beautiful photos, but a compelling story. A good agent will help craft that story and tell it through their social media channels, share it with their extensive network and connect one on one with buyers during open houses and appointments. If your home has an interesting angle, the media may wish to cover it and an active agent can get you the press your home deserves.

Connecting your story to the neighborhood and upcoming events creates excitement and sells a lifestyle as well as your home.

Proper pricing. It’s one of the main factors that will determine the level of demand for your property. Overpricing a property will result in a longer time on the market, which has been proven to result in a lower sale price. Buyers assume that properties that linger on the market are flawed and therefore more negotiable.

Are you concerned about underpricing and leaving money on the table? Don’t be! Well marketed, underpriced properties typically result in a bidding war, which can lead to a higher than anticipated sale price — if handled by a skilled professional with keen negotiating skills.

Taking into consideration the current market conditions, a knowledgeable agent can help you set the right pricing strategy for your property, creating a detailed comparison to similar properties on the market.

Get your paperwork done. If you did any work on your home and did not complete the paperwork with the Department of Buildings, get that started immediately.

If any issues arise that could keep you from closing in a timely manner, communicate them immediately to your attorney and your broker, so they can resolve the issue before you get to the closing table. Otherwise, you could find yourself either not closing or having to put money from your sale in escrow.

Be ready to embrace an early offer. Sometimes sellers receive an offer within the first few days of putting their property on the market. This is understandably disconcerting. While it is tempting to wait and see if you can get a better offer, it is never advisable. Take it as evidence that you did an excellent job prepping your home on steps one through three, combined with a little bit of good timing.

A prepared buyer who has been looking for a few months and knows exactly what they want, could come along just when you list your home. Negotiate in good faith and you will achieve the very best outcome.